Friday, May 9, 2008

My Time

My classroom starts in the morning at 7 o’clock and finish 13 o’clock. I study in “Universidad de Cuenca” in Berufsakademie, it is a international program. Also I study for the afternoon at 15 and finished 17 o’clock, generally. My university is very exigent. The majority of my time I am in the university. Here I share experiences whit my friends.
The time with my family is very little for my studies. I share whit my partners in the lunch at 14 o’clockwhen I arrive of the university. It is only a hour because I must be going to study. I love to my family. In the night when all eat we share our experiences. I have two Nephews: Paul y Nataly.
During the day I am whit my friend in the university also we sometimes have lunch together. And in the breaks we share our Events.
Only I
I like to think in my: my feelings and appearance. When I get up in the morning I enjoy of taking a shower and I prepare to go to classes. Here is when I think in my, when I look in the mirror!

Time of food
I enjoy the times of tranquility eating healthy food. Also I eat scrap food whit my friend and nephews.
Moment to sleep
I need of 8 hour from to sleep and I am happy.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Daily my time is distributed in the next form:

  • The 78% on my time I go to the university to learn a lot of things which will be good to my future. I study in Berufsakademie and I like a lot my career especially Human Resources and International Business there for I know English is very important for me.
  • The 11% of my time I spend with my family especially with my parents, my sisters and cousins. With them I watch films on the cinema or on the house. Besides we like to travel to Loja, the place where my father was born, there we walk a lot.
  • The 9% on my time I spend going out with my friends, now I am close to my berufsakademie’s friends because my free time is a little. We enjoy every moment together.
  • The 2% on my time is free of responsibilities, it is for me and I enjoy this time sleeping, going out whit my friends or my family.

Spending my time

I'm Damaris, I'm from Ecuador and I'm 19 years old. I study in the BA University.
My time

I use my time in different things as the school, my time with God, my relax, my sleeping, etc.
A week have only 168 hours, and I distrube this for my things in this way:

Activity Hours at week

Seleeping 50
Studying at school 40
Studying at home 25
Funny and relax 13
God's time 10
Percussion musical instrument 10
Business 10
Help at home 10
Sometimes I wish a week has more than 168 hours.

Has you can see, I use my time sleeping in a 26% for week, round about 50 hours, more than 7 hours each day, I always sleep like a log.

After that, I take 40 hours by stunding at BA University, round about 24% of my time, ahead, is studyng at home, for this I use 25 hours, round about 3:30 hours each day, this represent the 15% of a week.

My funny and relax, indispensable in my life, use 13 hours at week, the 8% of my time. And, the most important, my time with God, I give him not much time, this isn't just... among others activities on weekdays.

What do you think, how I manage my time?

How I spend my time?

I spend the most of my time attending to classes at Berufsakademie. I attend approximately 7 hours every day since 7 am to 1 pm then I come back at 3 o’clock in the afternoon until 5 pm to take classes.

After university classes I go to English classes at Wall Street Institute I spend 2 hours there every day during the week. The I return home and do homework until 11 pm. After that I watch some TV programs.

Occasionally on Fridays night I go to parties. On Saturdays I do some team homework with my classmates. In the afternoon I go to give classes at the catechism at 3 pm until 6 pm. After that I go out with friends. On Sundays I spend my time doing homework, and going out with my family.

Pie Chart by Galo Ismael Zhunio

My time is distributed in many activities. In this text I’ll describe the activities most important and regulars on the week.

Berufsakademie: My day star at 6:00 o’clock. I arrive to University at 7:00 o’clock. In the university I start class at 7:00 o’clock. The classes finish at 5:00 pm. Then I do the homework’s and investigations in the night and in the weekend.
Girlfriend: My Girlfriend is the most important person in my live. I go out to lunch and go to the movies in free time.
Travel: In the weekend I travel to Jima by visit my Family. In the Sundays I have lunch with my parents. I return to Cuenca on Sunday in the afternoon.
Watch TV: For the Night I watch TV. I watch specially sports programs.
Play Soccer: In the weekend I play soccer with my cousins and my friends in Jima for the League of this town. My club’s name is “Zeta”. Jima is a small town of the “Sigsig”. My position in the court is in front and my number is 11.
Parties: in the weekend I go to the party. In the weekends my friends celebrate their birthdays. I usually drink a lot and I love to smoke, especially with my friends. In the parties we dance a lot until midnight.

MY ACTIVITIES-------------------

The university.- I study in Berufsakademie, it is a international program. I have studied in this program for two years. The schedule is very exigent it star al 7:00 am to 5:00pm. We have two hours for lunch.

My Family.- I have contact with my family in half day and nigh. I star a conversation with my mother and my brother about themes the day, they talk about the work and university and the other activities. These conversations are during the diner or when we are watching the TV.

Entertainment.- this activity are parties, play volleyball, visit to old friends, go to the cinema, go to the travel…..

Boyfriend.- We go out the university together , them we go to the walk for the city, and eat fast foot sometimes.

My activities.- contains activities as sleep, watch TV, perform homework, cook. I used to aerobics in the nigh. The weekends I used to walk with my dogs.
By: PaoolaCar

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Talk about how you spend your time

Really, I don´t do a lot of things.
Generally, I get up 7:00 o`clock and I go to Berufsakademie where I stand all the morning. There I have class such as human resources, administration, right, etc.
My partners and I have a break. Generally this break is of one hour. My friends and I eat a lot of snacks, sometimes we buy nutritive food but it is rarely. Besides my friend and I speak about boyfriends and her pregnant. In this time we are happy.
I go to my house at 1:00 p.m. and I walk to my house because I love to do exercise but I don´t have time for do a lot of exercise.
I lunch at 2:00 pm. After, I study Gestation Organizational because I always have lesson.
At 2:30 pm I go walking to Berufsakademie again. There I have class all the afternoon.
After that I finished class. I always go walking with Andrea to my house. We talk about a lot of things when we arrive in my house we drink coffee.
After, Andrea goes to her house. I do homework and I study when I have test. Sometimes, my fiend named Andres goes to my house and we talk a lot.
In the weekend, I sometimes go to parties with my friend. I love dance.
Sometimes my friend and I go to Remigio, restaurants, mall del rio. Always we go with his friends to eat delicious food.
Generally, the Sunday my friend and I go to the Centro Cristiano where we stand all the morning. It is a good time for me.
After I do homework all the Sunday`s afternoon.
Generally I sleep around the six hours for day.


Hi friends, I want to share to you how I spend my time. First, I have to say that I divided my time in five parts: theoretical phase, practical phase, stay home, church’s activities and friends. When I’m in the theoretical phase, here in the Berusfakademie, I carry out a Schedule; usually it’s from 7 to 12 and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. For me, it represents the 40% of my time, because to study here is a little hard and I need to be completely quiet to do my activities. However, when I go to the practical phase, I have more time to share other activities with my family and friends, for that reason it represents the 20% of my time.
On weekends, I dedicate a little part of my time to do some activities in the church where I assist, the principal activity is to teach catechism to girls and guys between 12 and 15 years old; and another one is to be part of a foundation that is dedicated to help children who suffer cancer, and for that, we sell some catholic newspaper and cheese and chocolates to get money for the medicines, food and other things. It represents the 15% of my time.
To finish my redaction, I use too some time to stay home with my family. Here, I help in the house activities or I talk to with my mother, my sister, my father; we share with my nieces or my aunts or uncles watching some movies or doing some funny activities. It represents the 15% of my time. And the last one is the time to my friends, sometimes they invited me to go out or I invited them to do any kind of activities; it’s very nice to get out of the routine.


this a funny discusion bcause our carrer the last think have is free time, but some times have a time to rest and do a lot of sports, listen music, walk, see a friend, or anly sleep in house, I can clasificata my free time activities in:
  • sleep
  • play video games
  • listen rock music
  • skatebording with friends
  • eat, eat , and eat...
  • watch a movie or only television
an I can put it in this graphic:

spendig mi time in my life

I have a lot of activities in my day. In a normal day I used things like this.

University: I spend most of time in the university, in the morning I wake up at 6:00 AM, then I take a little shower, and I have breakfast ‘cause the classes stars at 7:00 AM. Then I study there until 12:00 AM, approximately, in the afternoon I return to the university at 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM. Also in the night I have to do my homework and some investigations.

Girlfriend: when I have free time I spend it with my girlfriend, I love her to much, I’m sure that she is the most important person in my whole life, we used to go out to lunch, and almost always in the night we go to eat, and to stay together, that is one of the things that I prefer to do, because it relax me a lot, and gives me energies for doing me things. I’m going to married her in…

Other things: sometimes I used to go to play soccer with my friends, and mi girlfriend goes with me, I like to play basketball too. And when I have vacations in the university I go to Santo Domingo de los Colorados to visit my parents, my brother and my friends.

Beautiful Day


My day is very busy, because I have to make different activities, the same as aid to Berufsakademie very early at 7:00 o’clock am. to 1:00 pm. sometimes. Then I go to eat with my girlfriend by around two hours, and then I return to university at 3:00 pm. to 6:00 pm. sometimes. After that I go to my work at 9:00 pm or 10:00 pm depend of the different transactions occurred in the day. Then I take dinner in my house, after that generally I sleep about 6 or 7 hours.

My life and my time

My life and my time
I’m twenty three years old, and the last three years have been very important because my life was a chance, this three years, I’m making things new, before the most part of the time, I practice table tennis, and I traveled a lot for the world, I played many tournaments, and I have had training very strong, a lot of time, five hours every day.
Now, I can’t train a lot, because, I’m studing y I’m in the last years for my graduation, in my free time I'm make university homework and now I dedicate only two hours for my train, and only the weekend I see my friends and I share with them, and the rest of my time I stay with my family.

My daily routine
  • In a week I usually do the next activities:
  • I go to the university since 7h00 to 13h00 in this time I attend to the teacher’s lessons.
  • At 13h00 I return to my house and have lunch.
  • At 15h00 I have classes again and I stay in the Berufsakademie until 18h00
  • After that I usually go to my friend’s house and there I do the group homework.
  • In the weekends I usually go out with my friends. Sometimes I go out to dance and other times only we converse and eat a little.

My Diary Activities

My Activities diary’s

I study in the Berufsakademie, there I am all day, I am here in the morning from 7:00 am as 13:00 p.m, in the afternoon from 15:00 p.m as 18:00 or 19:00 p.m.

When I finish my class in Berufs, I go my house, here I eat breakfast, lunch at dinner, I am with my family.

My friends and I are meeting for make our homework, tasks and projects
The weekend my friends and I go out of your houses, we go to dancing, entertaing in the discothèque or parties.

Alberto's Time

How I spend my time….

My regular day is very tight. The principal activity that I do is STUDY. AAlmost the entire day I spend my time in my university. I asist class, I do my homework, I read some books and some articles, I search información at the Internet and things like that. Other activities that I do are: visit my girlfriend, go out with my friends and travel to Machala to see my family. Another small activities like play soccer or watch tv complete my busy day.

In the next pie chart you can see how I spend my time…

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

I study in the Berufsakademie, I going to every day a university exception Saturday and Sunday. I am here in the morning from 7:00 am as 12:00 or 13:00 p.m, in the afternoon from 15:00 p.m as 18:00 or 19:00 p.m. When I finish my class in University, I go to my house; here I study with my friends or my sister. When I have meeting for make our homework, tasks and projects with my friends. The weekends go out with friends and I clean my house. We go to dance in the disco.

Pie Chart

Pie Chart

My time as a student of Berufsakademie Program is very restricted. We don’t have too much time to have fun but we do what we can do.

Usually I am in class 8 hours a day what represent 33% of the time in a say. Sleeping is another activity what takes some time. I try to sleep 8 hours a day. Doing homework is a very important thing to do when you are a Berufsakademie student. I am used to do homework 5 hours a day. It represents 20, 83%.

Then surfing in the internet making research is important too, that is why I take 2 hours of my time to surf. And finally I have to spend some time hanging out with my friends at least one hour.


I generally spend my time studying. Of Monday to Friday I study from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm and after from 3:00 pm at 6:00 pm in the Berufsakademie. At noon I have to go to my home to make the lunch. After 6:00 pm I go to my house to make the dinner. After the dinner I see some television and I also begin to make my homework. I don't sleep at an exact hour because it depends on the quantity of homework that I have to make. I generally sleep 4 or 5 daily hours.

I sometimes travel to Machala the weekends. In Machala I visit to my family. I also go for a walk with my boyfriend. We go to the cinema, to the port or we leave to eat outside. In Machala, I sometimes visit my friends and we leave to take an ice cream or to dance.

I spend little time with my friends; however when we have to make tasks in group we have a good time a lot. In my little free time I read books or I watch movies.

I think, that in percentages, the 60% of my time I spend studying; the other 15% I pass whit my friends and doing activities together; the 10% I pass with my family, the 5% I watch tv, and the last 10% in others activities for example sleep, to read…

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daysi's Time

Daysi s Time

Every week I go to the university five days in the week, generally 9 hours per day. I carry out my homeworks, tasks and projects 4 hours average per day. I dedicate more time to sleep on Saturday, I Use 30 minutes average to have breakfast, to eat lunch and to dinner for each food every day of the week.

To fix my bedroom, to clean the house, to wash my clothes and to wash plates I dedicate daily 2 hours average.

Finally I dedicate approximately one hour and thirty minutes of Monday to Friday to rest; however on Saturdays and Sundays I dedicate near 8 hours of my available time to relax.

Daysi's Time

Daysi's Time

Every week I go to the university five days in the week, generally 9 hours per day. I carry out my homeworks, tasks and projects 4 hours average per day. I dedicate more time to sleep on Saturday, I Use 30 minutes average to have breakfast, to eat lunch and to dinner for each food every day of the week.

To fix my bedroom, to clean the house, to wash my clothes and to wash plates I dedicate daily 2 hours average.

Finally I dedicate approximately one hour and thirty minutes of Monday to Friday to rest; however on Saturdays and Sundays I dedicate near 8 hours of my available time to relax.